New Dues News

I’ve been a member of Media Communications Association, International (MCA-I) for about 3 years, with 2 years of that on the local board of directors and now just recently being placed on the International board as well as a member at large. I have found being a part of this organization is a definite plus for me and my business. Not only in terms of income derived from within the group but in terms of how important it is to me personally to be part of this professional organization.
This year MCA-I has taken a bold step forward in reducing the organization’s membership dues to just $80 annually for an individual membership. This long standing professional organization formerly known as the ITVA is looking ahead to new growth and new strategies to move the organization forward in 2011 and beyond.
The new membership pricing as well as nationally coordinated events such as the MediaPro Camps are bringing new life to MCA-I. With both the San Diego and Orange County / L.A. chapters successfully pioneering the MediaPro Camps it has spiked new interest and new corporate sponsors with additional chapters making the Pro Camps part of their annual event strategies. MCA-I is poised to grow substantially over the next few years.
For those of you who are not yet members now is the time to join and be a part of an exciting and expanding professional media organization. The benefits of membership start at the door of our monthly meetings with greatly reduced entrance fees providing instant savings. For a complete list of other membership benefits or more information just go to the corporate web site at There you will also find the membership application.
The strength of any organization is in its members and in the 3 years I’ve been with MCA-I I’m constantly impressed with the quality of the individuals that I’ve come to know within this group. Take a look at becoming a member it was a wise decision for me and I’m sure it will be for you as well.
Join a group of professionals dedicated to helping each other in business. Be a part of MCA-I, sign up today.


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